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Best ways to get better grades in academics

Best ways to get better grades in academics

1. Being organized

Being organized is an important aspect of succeeding in academics. Keeping you study space and your study material organized and clutter free would help you save time on just looking out for things. Organize your notes subject and date wise for easy reference. Write a daily timetable including your school schedule, home work time, study time and play time. Following this would make you feel, YES I HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR EVERYTHING. Organizing time and work plays a major role in improving your grades.

2. Knowing your learning style

Have you ever thought which learning style is suitable for you to grasp the subject easily? Every individual is different in their own way and perhaps you will have to figure out which learning style suits you the best. For example you might find it easy to grasp the concepts when you sit alone in peace listening to soft music and just concentrate on the subject, or you may want a friend to accompany you in studies to get motivation and support to clarify your doubts as it gives scope for discussion. Discussions keep the topic stamped in your mind rather than just going on reading. However, as mentioned earlier each individual will have his or her own learning style which is to be figured out and followed.

3. Avoiding procrastination and being interactive in class

Attending your classes regularly and on time would help you not to miss out on any important topic being covered by your facilitator. Before attending the class, give a thorough reading of the topic to be covered and go with your set of doubts in order to get them clarified during the lecture. Be communicative and interactive in class rather than just being a passive listener. Never leave your doubts unclarified. Avoid procrastination and concentrate fully on the teaching happening in the class. This would allow most of the subject to reach your brain instantly and you need not make much effort to learn it all over again before the tests.

4. Taking clear and legible notes

Taking down the notes legibly and thoroughly would help you comprehend it when you refer back to learn. Try to keep the notes as organized as possible with proper headings and bullet points, leaving enough space between the lines. Writing the notes by hand would help you keep the content in your memory for long rather than typing it. Do not forget to compare your notes with your fellow class mates to check if you have missed out on any important point to be noted. Do not forget to highlight the important points which help in easy reference later on. Reading the text book and noting down the important points is important which would save your time while preparing for your tests.

5. Gettingadditionalsupport from a tutor

All the subjects may not be easy to grasp at an instance from a class. You may need extra support or help from a private tutor who can guide you personally on exceeding in a particularly tricky subject. It would help you in having one-on-one doubt clearance without any hesitation. You can feel free to ask questions and get your doubts clarified without having a fear of peer humiliation. Personal tutors may teach you in a way that is best suited for your personal needs. A customized teaching practice would help you understand the concepts more clearly which helps in the betterment of your performance leading to better grades.

6. Studyingalong with your Friends

Studying with friends would help you share knowledge and ideas which is an invaluable resource to strengthen your understanding of the subject. You just have to avoid getting distracted by getting indulged in chatting about unnecessary things during the course of your studies. When you discuss ideas with your friends you remember them for a longer period of time. You can share your notes and take each other’s suggestions on learning techniques.

7. Improving your memory skills

Try playing memory games to improve your memory skills. With so much to learn across many subjects, remembering facts, figures and arguments is a mammoth task, and you need to have some effective memory aids to help you.

8. Utilizingtime effectively

It is highly essential to manage your time while studying, preparing for an examination or while writing a test. Even if you are someone who doesn’t get distracted, time may sometimes become the biggest enemy stopping you from getting good grades, if you do not know how to manage it. Work on harder subjects which would take more time for preparation first. After completing each task do not forget to take a short break, in which you can just relax, talk to a friend or watch TV. But remember to get back to work within the planned time frame. This would refresh your brain and help you get into the next topic easily. Break your work and set accomplishable targets which would motivate you further as you keep reaching them. Have a time for play too, but strictly after you complete your work. If you wish to play you have to first finish your studies for the day.