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Cambridge IGCSE Extended Maths Tutors

Cambridge IGCSE Extended Maths Tutors

Cambridge IGCSE Extended ( 0580) Maths Tutor (Best Online IGCSE  Maths tutor)

Candidates may follow either the Core curriculum or the Extended curriculum.  All candidates will study the following topics: Number , Algebra and graphs , Geometry , Mensuration , Co-ordinate geometry , Trigonometry , Matrices and transformations , Vectors , Probability ,  Statistics

I will explain concepts from textbooks chapter wise . I will discuss IGCSE Maths past papers from 2000 to 2018 till date .I will explain step by step solutions .


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  1. david
    added on 21 Mar, 2019

    MR rEDDY IS BETS Cambridge igcse math tutor for online students and HOMESCHOOLING students worldwide . He teaches all past papers from years 2000 to 2018 till date of year

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