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Experience Counts for IGCSE and IB Tutoring!

Experience Counts for IGCSE and IB Tutoring!

When you enroll your kid into a school or any course, what is the first point you look at? If it is academics then you would like to know everything about the curriculum, the teaching methods, and the expertise of the faculty or the teaching staff. Similar queries are posed when you join the ward for sports as well. Experience is the main criteria with which we gauge the place of education or coaching or activity centers. A kind of trust and is by default created when we tend to hear the number of years the place or the faculty is bagging in the respective areas.

Tutorials which are considered to be a second school for many students across the country or even global, while registering the kid we check the expertise or skill set of the tutors. Currently we have different formats of tutorials. But, online tutoring is the most demanded or voted method of teaching. Serendipity education has welcomed this new form of tutorials with the help of Math expert, Mr. Kondal Reddy.

Mr. Kondal Reddy is accredited with great subject knowledge. He is a subject mater expert (Mathematics), who has honed the skills of the subject over two decades by imparting the knowledge through online tutorials. Mr. Reddy, gives complete individual attention to each of his pupils. He connects with every student not only on the personal level but also ensures that all the methods and concepts of the subject mathematics are well imbibed by each of his students.

Although the teaching method is online tutoring which gives you the freedom of learning from the home’s comfort, Mr. Reddy who is a mathematics tutor for the past twenty years guides each of his students with immense patience which develops immense confidence on the subject.


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