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IGCSE Maths Tutor in London

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IGCSE Maths Tutor in London

IGCSE Maths Tutor in London

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I specialize in Exam Preparation, and know how to get my students to excel through personalized attention, patience, a lot of practice, and hard work. I make learning fun through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities. Teaching is a skill, but great teaching is more of an art that only a few can master.I can assure to make a difference in your Childs progress.
I am a full-time mathematics tutor offering a personalized Online Tutoring service for IB(International Baccalaureate),PYP, MYP and IB Diploma HL,SL I am IB Math Coordinator and Examiner .I have in-depth knowledge of mathematics.How to get basics and concepts across to students.
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  1. manisha
    added on 18 Mar, 2019

    Mr y kONDAL REDDY is talented math tutor for ib & igcse CURRICULUM. he is experienced math expert . SPECIALIST for ib math and igcse math . he is best math tutor for london igcse and ib math STUDENTS. thank you mr reddy

  2. mark
    added on 26 Mar, 2019

    Our daughter was struggling with math during 9th grade IGCSE Mathematics. We worked with Mr Reddy who was really wonderful! He gave our daughter so much confidence, and her work in math improved quite strongly. She looked forward to seeing her every class . She full confident taking IB Mathematics HL Thank you, Mr Reddy , your work with our daughter made a big difference!

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