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Live Online IB Maths Tutor in Shanghai China

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IB Maths tutor in Shanghai

Live Online IB Maths Tutor in Shanghai China

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Live Online IB Maths Tutor in Shanghai China. Mr Y Kondal Reddy is highly recommended IB maths tutor in Shanghai. His concepts are very interesting , inspirational  and easy understanding concepts . Always he teaches Beyond  the classroom  . 

MR YK Reddy is Expert in Cambridge IGCSE Maths and IB Maths MYP, IB Maths HL and IB Maths SL . He was always patient with the students when I had many questions and he had no problem repeating his answers and describing the processes over again to complete the IB Math problems until I understood how to solve the math problems. His high knowledge in IB math was evident when he showed students several different processes and math formulas to help me achieve the same answer in a much easier way to solve a difficult math problemS from IB Maths past papers. He explains IB Maths Past papers very effective and easy methods .

I say that “Practice makes a Math perfect ” .I can assure to make a difference in your son or daughter  progress.I helped many students dramatically improved their IGCSE & IB academic performances. I am offering online tutoring services for students all over the world. Normally I will let students send me questions or topics they feel difficult before the class, then I will prepare individually tailored classes for each of my students. In this way, the class is high efficient and students can learn more in less tutoring sessions.


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