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Online tutoring for Cambridge IGCSE  


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03/05/2019 11:08 am  

Yes, I teach online Skype classes for Cambridge IGCSE Extented Maths Paper 2 and Paper 4. I taught many students from Sharjah. One of my best student from Sharjah . His name is Usman, he was 30%  student before  my tutoring. After 6 months Usman used to get good marks in the classroom test and quiz. Finally he got A* in IGCSE board exams . 

Peter Cole
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06/08/2019 5:10 pm  

I would recommend to visit the leading online tutoring portal, as they have more that have thousands highly qualified and expert Mathematics teachers from all over the world and for everyone, so you can get easily online tutoring for Cambridge IGCSE as I did in my available time.



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