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Tutoring rates in Sydney for IB curriculum  


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03/05/2019 12:06 pm  

Respected Sir/ madam!

IB curriculum is very demanded syllabus in the world . IB ( International baccalaureate) offering PYP , MYP and DP . Highly demanded IB HL Subjects . For example IB Maths HL tuitions fees  25 Austrailia dollar per an hour. That’s depending on teacher experience and subject expertise 

I am not sure this price is Suitable are not for IB Maths. One of the my friend told from Europe.

Thank you.

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05/05/2019 3:26 pm  

Defining price for tutoring is very difficulty because we needs Many parameters like experience,Subject  expertise and concepts explanation all are counts . Probably some tutors charge $20 Australiya dollar  Per hour. Some teachers are charges $25 to $30 Australiya dollars. Keep in mind full time Experienced Maths Tutors charges little bit more than part time tutors



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