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IBDP Mathematics SL

IBDP Mathematics SL

"The IBDP SL focuses on Knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques in a variety of contexts."


For the students who are very much interested in the subject of Math and enjoy the challenges it offers, this course would be more advisable. If you are having strong analytical and technical skills Mathematics SL would be the right course for you to take up. This is typically for the students who would to include Mathematics in their university studies either as a particular subject or included with the courses such as physics, engineering and technology.

By taking up this course online the students can:

  • Have the flexibility of choosing their own time and place
  • Enhance their logistic skills
  • Study along with the students from all around the world
  • Have the experience of using the latest online tools

Also you can be assured of the maintenance of standards and expectations as in the face to face onlinetutoring sessions.

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Algebra,
  • Functions and Equations,
  • Trigonometry,
  • Calculus,
  • Vectors,
  • Probability and Statistics.


The activities like problem sets, self-assessed quizzes, teacher-assessed tests, investigations, modeling activities and exams would assess the student’s achievement in the IB criteria. We would also have discussion forums, journals, email and weekly live sessions in the online class room which supports the student’s learning process.

An important advice for the students is to spend a minimum of five to six hours in a week to succeed in this subject.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Mr YK Reddy is Highly recommened IB Maths SL tutor . We are from dubai , My son is STUDYING in IB Maths SL , He was very poor in maths So he needed tuitions . My relative REFERRED Mr Reddy Skype tutoring . So STARTED Live lessons FROM mr reddy . His explains from roots of basics and concepts and IB Maths past papers . REPEATEDLY use to PRACTICE worksheets and past papers . fINALLY MY SON GOT 6 Points in ib board exams
    thank you mr reddy

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