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Probability & Statistics Tutoring

Probability & Statistics Tutoring

"Statistics is concept which teaches how to collect, handle and represent data in our day to day life and analyze it."

Online statistics

We provide online tutoring for all your needs of statistics and probability. Whether high school level or college level you can get our expert tutor’s help round the clock. The tutor would be ready to help you with everything from correlations to probabilities to permutations.

We are here to help you understand the key concepts of statistics and probability which include Least squares, outliners, statistical significance, factorials, Bayes’ Theorem, Central Limit Theorem, Prediction interval, Regression, permutations, combinations etc.

We provide one on one tutoring help through skype sessions and interactive white board which makes you feel the comfort of face to face teaching. An added advantage of online tutoring could be that our tutor can provide you with finding worksheets and practice problems to further hone your skills.