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SAT II Tutoring

SAT II Tutoring

"Measure what you know about specific disciplines which let you understand where you stand in each subject of your interest."

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SAT II tests are nothing but SAT Subject tests. These are one hour tests on specific subjects like biology and world history.

In total there are 21 SAT Subject tests out of which 9 cover four core subject areas: English Literature, Mathematics, History and Science.

Math includes Math level 1 and Math level 2

The SAT II tests, test your knowledge of a particular subject rather than your reasoning skills.

The two math tests included in SAT II typically requires several years of high school level Math.

If you are taking a Math Subject test you have decide between Math Level 1 and Math Level 2

For Level 1 you need to have taken at least two years of algebra and one year of geometry.

And for Level 2, in addition to the level 1 subjects, you need to have taken some trigonometry and Pre-calculus.

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