Mathematics and branches of mathematics
mathematics and branches of mathematics
mathematics and branches of mathematics

Mathematics and branches of Mathematics

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, Mathematics is an age-old subject. This subject or the concept of mathematics has its roots from the ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Renaissance, and through many ages. Mathematics is a subject that has evolved over the years as per the requirement of the generation or the period. Initially used as a medium to count, measure, or describe an object, the subject has evolved to become a foundation for many pursuits like agriculture, commerce, and many other subjects. Apart from learning theorems, formulae, axioms, mathematics teaches you analyzing, logical reasoning, quantitative calculations, and many other soft skills that help in day-to-day life.

Being a core subject mathematics in most of the curriculums across the globe, it is also an adjunct concept for a subject like science and other forms of sciences. Basic mathematics operations as counting, division, addition, subtraction, and multiplication and the further levels of mathematics are developed based on these basic concepts. Different countries across the globe have contributed for different forms of mathematics as India contributed to the development of contemporary mathematics, like the decimal system, the digit zero, and other methods. During the ancient Mesopotamian, development of mathematics helped in applying to astronomical studies. Similarly, for the period of old Babylonian the scholars progressed to computational methods, introduced a versatile numeric system, place value system, had their own mathematical table. As the ages passed, from old to new the mathematics transformed and encompassed as per the needs and requirements of its users. Every formula, concept, theory, created or invented in the subject mathematics has its roots from the age-old methodologies.


IB and IGCSE courses
IB diploma course is a known course for many across the globe. However, just for the revision, we are looking at the IB curriculum model and especially the subject mathematics. IB Diploma program comprises of four variants of mathematics courses such as Mathematics Studies SL (Standard Level), Mathematics SL, Mathematics Higher Level or Further Level Mathematics. Further Level mathematics can opt during Mathematics Higher Level course.

All these above courses comprise of Numbers and algebra, Financial mathematics, Basic and higher-level calculus, functions, sets, logic, and probability, geometry. While doing this program many students find some of the concepts easy and others tough to cope. Serendipity education is an institution that caters online tutorials for every student who has enrolled in IB program. This online tutorial is adept with every mathematical concept pertaining to the program and helps you to not only enjoy the subject but also help in relating the methods to real-life scenarios. The tutors at Serendipity education ensure that the students apply whatever taught in the practical world, and are encouraged in solving problems in their own methods. Similar to the regular course, as and when the students clear their levels they can be moved to the next level of mathematics. The approach of this online tutorial is similar to the university or school teaching methodology.

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