Why is Geometry the most practical branch of mathematics?
why is geometry the most practical branch of mathematics
why is geometry the most practical branch of mathematics

Why is geometry the most practical branch of Mathematics

Mathematics is a significant subject with various branches, including complex and accessible. People find geometry very interesting in contrast to other components such as algebra or topology. It is all because of the practical approach it offers and challenges a person to understand the usage of the two axes. It allows students to solve problems through algebra and find solutions using graphs practically. There has been a debate about how algebra is essential in practical life and why we had to go through those gruelling years of studying it.

While most of the branches of mathematics are used in some specific regions, geometry, on the other hand, is a crucial part of our daily lives. Everything we see can be associated with geometry through its shape and size. Being one of the oldest sciences, geometry has the most applications in daily life than any other branch of mathematics. The term ‘Geometry’ literally translates to ‘Earth Measurement.’

It is a very fun branch that we all witness daily and enjoy to the fullest. Creating animation, pictures, 3D, 4D, and 5D once began through geometry. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Remember the toys?

Even at a very young age, we are taught to recognize objects through their shapes and sizes, which make the basis of geometry. This develops what is known as spatial reasoning in children. Building blocks, legos, puzzles, and so many more toys are based on geometry, which develops problem-solving to a certain extent. In the later years of schooling, when the subject gets more detailed, it inculcates analytical reasoning, logic, and deduction abilities.

Later, the animated figures became those blocks and puzzles. The different objects created in the pictures are made using geometry. All the cartoons and the various series are created using the basics of geometry.

Nature uses it too!

Our brain is constantly working and calculating the spatial aspect of the things around us to help us complete tasks and keep us safe. Geometry exists in nature, whether it be mangroves’ upward and erect roots, a spider web, or a beehive. And the existence of something in nature itself is proof of its importance. Such examples facilitate the presence and curiosity of knowledge through practical examples and allow students to involve geometry in their present life. It is a fun mathematics branch with exciting concepts and a straightforward, practical approach.

Home, sweet home!

We, as humans, have derived everything from nature and tailored it to our use. We work hard every day to keep a roof over our heads, and it is of utmost importance for us that the top is sturdy. Using geometry, architectures have evolved the ways of construction to the point where we can build our dream home without compromising durability. The different measurements, maps creation, and commercial or residential property blueprints are made with geometry. The concept of the creation of a drawing that later converts into a blueprint begins with the creation of rectangular squares and other related shapes.

Geometry is the basic concept that abbreviates and allows professionals to use it at the highest level. The new drawings, edits, and map creation will enable us to indulge creatively and make an invention. All the engineering wonders are based on geometry, making learning geometry fun.

Sports & Fun

Several types of sports are played all across the world, and they have been in existence for centuries. From the most straightforward game, like tic-tac-toe, to the complex sports of soccer and badminton, geometry plays a fundamental role. The measurements and size of the court, the calculations that go into a javelin throw or archery, and even basketball dunks require extensive use of different aspects of geometry. This is a digital world, and to thrive in it, we must progress. Whether it be a presentation using graphs and charts or a digital game, it takes substantial knowledge of geometry to make it happen.


While Geometry is a vast mathematics division, it is also the one branch linked to almost every other branch of mathematics. So when you learn it, you are also getting better at different facets like trigonometry and topology. If there is one subject where you can develop your critical thinking, logical inference, and problem-solving capabilities and whose examples are ubiquitous, it is geometry. You are now equipped with empirical evidence that geometry is the most practical branch of mathematics.

Do you want to know about this branch? Then enrol for the Mathematics course of your choice. We offer every student an opportunity to choose among the four available options. It will allow them to learn under the guidance of a mathematical professional, who will offer them a chance to think beyond the subject. With a practical approach and regular exercises, everyone can understand each concept clearly.


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