Why is International Baccalaureate (IB) more challenging?
why is international baccalaureate more challenging
why is international baccalaureate more challenging

Why is IB more challenging?

The IB offers high-quality programs for international education, and there are three programs, namely PYP, MYP, and DP. The IB program is practical, and that’s where it differs from the other educational programs. It is application-based and has a broad spectrum of subjects that help the student’s overall development. It can be well-integrated with the local curriculum and is more challenging than any other educational system. The International Baccalaureate Organization is not associated with any country and is free from agendas. It has complex assignments and workbooks and is more complicated than the ICSE syllabus.

Learn more about how IB schools function!

Certain schools are recognized to be IB schools, and they are authorised under IBO. It is a comprehensive 2-year course with a rigorous curriculum and activities. The wide range of courses is designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of different students across the world. Together this program comprises skills that are not found in any other programs. The high standard of this program is maintained through the quality of the syllabus and the assignments. There are two kinds of jobs – internal and external. Some assessments are the usual ones like essays and written exams, while others are project works and activities with practical knowledge. The IB syllabus differs from the other educational systems. Assessments are structured as written, oral, and functional. The grading system is also critical, and the examiners have ample experience teaching this curriculum.

Why prefer International Baccalaureate students? 

  1. Structured & Systematic Examination in IB- It allows students to enjoy the curriculum and a proper systematic schedule for learning and attempting examinations. The students are excited to learn and are enthusiastic about engaging in practical activities. An appropriate flow of topics is enjoyed as the syllabus is laid down in a manner to level up gradually. It begins with a basic introduction to complex problems. A clear structure of IB allows every student to challenge their limits and makes them capable of solving problems with the support of a tutor or a trained teacher. 
  2. Depth-oriented approach- Self-motivated and goal-oriented study pattern is offered by IB. It allows students to be involved in the subject and learn through details with systematic studying patterns. The depth-oriented approach allows every student to discover their challenges, interest, and ability to overcome them. 
  3. Encourages critical thinking- Every student is given a chance to learn different subjects with a changed approach, an option to explore through practical activities and learn with interest. Soon students will be Performing well academically and proficient in mathematics. A subject that requires a true mentor who can quickly help them understand the concepts and learn to solve complex problems with proper strategy and step-by-step processes. 
  4. Helps to learn with engagement- Independent and a critical thinker with fluency in communication. The course offers students a chance to learn to share and communicate. It is teamwork to understand different topics, discuss their issues and learn through the skills of their tutor. A professional with a proper command of the subject can help students engage and learn. 
  5. Offerings multiple Subject Combination- It allows students to take up challenges and learn what interests them and does not. The whole curriculum is designed in such a way as to offer a variety of topics under different subjects. It impacts the student’s thought processes and allows them to gain knowledge of each stream.  

The tedious IB curriculum 

An intense and challenging curriculum is required to bring out potential skills. The curriculum is tedious to learn but provides a wide range of opportunities for the students because they get to select the electives. To hone their skills, IB gives equal importance to every subject, and the land certificate from IB is globally recognized. An IB student gets more advantages from renowned universities worldwide. Every seven years, the curriculum gets updated after getting feedback from the teachers, alums, and students. That’s the quality of education we get at the IB level.

Explore the most prestigious program 

The IB diploma program is the most prestigious program you can ever give your kid. It’s highly challenging, allowing the student to explore the potential paths inside them fully. It’s a gateway to pursuing your education in renowned colleges. The education is designed in a way that helps the student explore which is their strength and weakness. It also helps them to discover the talents inside them. It shapes them into versatile thinkers with strong reasoning skills. It fosters independent learning and being proactive throughout the two years of the course. On a short note, IB is worth the study, even if it’s named the most challenging course because you will see the fruit once you graduate!

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